May 23 • 2M

Morning Routines

One Minute with Marlin

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One minute episodes with Marlin Miller, the founder and publisher of Plain Values magazine.
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My morning routine has become a cherished thing. After I am cleaned up with a good shave, I head over to the kitchen to get our coffee brewing. As much as I enjoy a good cup of coffee, it is who I get to share it with that makes it so inviting. Lisa and I tend to have busy lives, and we have learned to relish our own “porch time.” It has actually become a sacred place for us to slow down. Five feet from our rocking chairs, we watch the wrens as they feed their little babies and listen to their hungry cries. Over by the fence post, we watch the bluebirds tend their newborns, too. We don’t deserve the wondrous variety of birds we are surrounded by; in fact, the other day, I made the comment, “I don’t know how someone can deny a Creator after spending time with such a massive variety of birds, and that’s just from our little yard, forget about the mountain and sea birds the world over!”

On the rare occasions that the kids sleep in a bit, it gives us the chance to dive deeper into our life together. Sometimes we read the books we’re in the middle of. Other times we talk, plan, and dream out loud. This sacred porch time is a gift where Lisa and I can start our day by simply being together.

I hope you too can carve a section out of your day for porch time, get outside, and slow down with someone you love.

As always, may you find joy in the simple things. This is Marlin with Plain Values magazine. Learn more about our work, and subscribe, at