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A Miracle and a Scar to Prove It

A Miracle and a Scar to Prove It

One Minute with Marlin
Isaac Hershberger, Plain Values Production Manager

For the last eight years, Isaac Hershberger has been the Production Manager at Plain Values. Meaning he builds the magazine we send out every month. As we talked about my recent messages about miracles and scars, Isaac shared an incredible story…

During the hot, dry summer of 1992, Isaac’s parents were invited to a cookout. A day that started out relaxed with food, fellowship, and yard games, soon turned to the unthinkable.

A couple of boys at the cookout were playing Lawn Jarts, an old game where two rings are placed on the ground approximately 30 feet apart, and 12-inch metal darts thrown at them. You may remember this. One of the boys gave his Jart a wild throw, and it soared through the air.

Meanwhile, 9-month-old Isaac stood at his mom’s feet, as his uncle was trying to coax Isaac into walking towards him. Suddenly, that Lawn Jart flew over Isaac’s mom and lodged in his head! In a panic, Isaac’s uncle rushed over and pulled it out! Isaac began bleeding profusely. 911 was called and he was rushed to the hospital.

After the emergency surgery, Isaac’s parents learned just how close their son had come to dying. The Jart went through Isaac’s skull, into his brain, and directly through a major artery. He should have bled to death, but when his uncle pulled the jart out, two pieces of the broken skull shifted and blocked the artery. It slowed the bleeding and saved his life.

9-month-old Isaac after the surgery.

Although Isaac still has a huge scar on his head, he also has a testimony of the miracle God performed.

As always, may you find joy in the simple things. This is Marlin with Plain Values magazine. Learn more about our work, and subscribe, at

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