Who We Are…

From 2007 to 2012 we, the Millers, adopted our first three children, a preschooler on the autism spectrum and two babies with Down syndrome. We published our first issue of Plain Values in 2012 to highlight Biblical ministries, share the beauty of adoption, and to cultivate anchored community. In 2018 we welcomed our fourth child in a surprise adoption, this time a baby with Mosaic Down syndrome.

What We Believe…

Our values are plain values, steeped in the rich traditions of yesterday. We enjoy the simple things in life. Gathering eggs from the coop, getting our hands in the dirt to grow food, and cooking meals from scratch. Sometimes we sit around a fire and share life. We strive to walk humbly to strengthen authentic relationships with our families and neighbors. And, yes, we have taken a fresh pie to a front porch and surprised a friend… we didn’t even text them before! We just stopped by, walked up the steps and knocked on the door! Just the way our grandparents used to do on a Sunday evening. They called it living in community.

We seek to serve our neighbors. Plain Values began with a prayer hoping to play a small role in connecting a child with Down syndrome to his or her forever family. We have checked that box nearly a dozen times in the last ten years and we will not stop until the orphanages are empty! We will rest in Heaven!

The Miller Family

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Reviews of the Magazine

I will brag on our team and the work they do till the cows come home but it’s not a very gentlemanly to do so. Instead, here’s a handful of praise from readers:

“Each month I look forward to receiving my copy of Plain Values. Quality paper, quality photography, and I love the stories.”

“What a beautiful magazine. It’s things like this that gets someone excited to learn about the world.”

     “Loved your article on children with Down syndrome. I cried, then I prayed for them and their caretakers!”

    “Thank you for all you’re doing to help us out! I was deeply touched by your Letters to Widows. Thank you for caring and for being sensitive to the voice of God, and the work for His Kingdom. May he continue to bless you richly!”

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