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A Greeting From the Publisher

My name is Marlin Miller, and I am the publisher of Plain Values magazine and, now, Substack digital newsletter. Publishing Plain Values is an outgrowth of my life experiences. I was born and raised Amish in Holmes County, Ohio. After I got married, my wife and I adopted four children. Our oldest son is on the Autism spectrum and our three younger kids all have Down syndrome. Diving into the world of adoption and special needs revealed to us that there many opportunities to serve. We wanted to share stories of these missions and ministries with our Amish neighbors, so we started Plain Values magazine. Lacking technology, we reached out how we could…with a printed magazine in their mailboxes every month. 

The magazine has continued to grow so that, today, we are read by over 300,000 folks every month, and we share good news of all sorts through stories that inspire, impact, and call to action.

As more and more people read our magazine and shared with their friends and families, we began receiving requests outside of the Amish population. 

Because of this, we decided to move parts of our magazine over to the digital format in the form of an e-mail newsletter. Subscribers will hear from us at least once a week on a variety of topics.

Reviews of the Magazine

I will brag on our team and the work they do till the cows come home but it’s not a very gentlemanly to do so. Instead, here’s a handful of praise from readers:

“Each month I look forward to receiving my copy of Plain Values. Quality paper, quality photography, and I love the stories.”

“What a beautiful magazine. It’s things like this that gets someone excited to learn about the world.”

     “Loved your article on children with Down syndrome. I cried, then I prayed for them and their caretakers!”

    “Thank you for all you’re doing to help us out! I was deeply touched by your Letters to Widows. Thank you for caring and for being sensitive to the voice of God, and the work for His Kingdom. May he continue to bless you richly!”

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