Welcome to Plain Values E-Newsletter!

Greetings from Winesburg, Ohio.

My name is Marlin, and I work with Plain Values magazine. At some point over the last few years, I or someone on our staff have interacted with you about some piece of business. By the way, if you are local or pass through town, please stop by the office and say hi! 

Please allow me to bring a little context for the message… for the last eight years, we have published stories of people and organizations doing wonderful work around the world, bringing help and hope to the least of these and the left out. As our readership has grown, the requests for subscriptions have come outside our intended audience. We have found that people from all walks of life find community, joy, and inspiration inside our pages. In fact, Wendy, a mom from North Carolina, sent us a kind note, “thank you for a magazine that has been a lifeline to our family. A lifeline of peace, reminders of God’s love, and a connection with the world outside our walls. What we lack in our community at home, we found in Plain Values magazine.” 

Recently, we began a new venture for these exact folks, a free e-mail newsletter. Our hope is that you and many more find those same sentiments to be true. Each Monday morning, you can expect a few thoughts or a short story from one of our writers and every so often from myself. Please don’t hesitate to shoot us a quick e-mail or even call Jan or Bethany at the office and tell us what you like or don’t like! We truly want honest feedback… thank you in advance for taking a look.